Toddlers Preschool

Children two years old and older are in the Toddler Preschool Program. Our curriculum meets the developmental needs of children through arts and crafts activities, sensory experiences, significant motor play, computerized lessons, and social interaction. Our program helps children develop a love of learning, discipline, and a sense of personal responsibility.

Children achieve significant motor milestones through our interactive play patterns and progression. They’ll learn to interact with others, make and follow the rules, develop their understanding of cause and effect, positive self-image, and their ability to concentrate on tasks at hand.

The “Little Pioneers” curriculum is designed to develop a positive self-image and to build character through individualized attention, daily interactions, and attention to learning.
At LITTER PIONEERS, each child is a confluence of skills, talents, and attitudes developed through the individualized approach. Our staff is highly trained in the instructional techniques that best work for each child as he or she progresses.