Special Activities

Special Activities
LITTLE PIONEERS ACADEMY is committed to supporting intellectual development by offering various special programs, including foreign language, art, music, cooking, science, and technology.

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1.) Ceramics
An excellent way to introduce different materials to preschoolers is through a ceramics activity. The clay can be used in so many different ways, and the children get to see how they are transformed from pliable clay into rigid pieces of art (a sculpted piece of clay). When the children finish their creation, they have a product that they can hold in their hands and not just on a screen or paper. This type of activity is also enjoyable because it becomes an experience. Allowing the children to explore textures, forms, colors, and other senses while creating gives them an entire sensory experience with art.

2.) Science / Experiment
Little Pioneers Academy uses science in various ways – from growing plants and flowers, studying bugs and animals through to making music, and learning about the weather. We use science to help us learn about the world around us and to help us understand how things work.

3.) Ballet
Little Pioneers Academy offers a variety of ballet classes. This is a unique and fun way for children to learn about the world around them, move physically, and dress up and perform. The young children (age 4-5) have lot of fun learning movements such as: pirouette, chasse and releve, grande plié phrase enveloppé en semi-pointe, pas de basque et fouettés.

4.) Music & Creative Drama
Little Pioneers Academy offers a variety of music classes. Children can learn many essential skills when they study music – understanding the elements of music, following directions and teacher instructions, being part of a group, listening and responding to sounds around them, and more! We offer creative drama in our after-school program on Tuesday. This class is a fun way for children to learn about art while performing an original play for the parents.

5.) Cooking
Little Pioneers Academy offers a variety of cooking classes. Children usually enjoy learning to cook because it is something that they can do independently, in a creative way. Learning to prepare food allows children to understand and respect the ingredients they are using and provide them with a sense of accomplishment once they have cooked their meal.

6.) Field Trips
Little Pioneers Academy provides field trips to places such as museums, botanical gardens, and agricultural fairs. Outside field trips help children learn about where they live – such as farming and food crops. The children also learn about animals at the zoo, which is a great learning tool for teaching science to students.