Nursery 2-3 Years Old

At Little Pioneer Academy, we create an innovative learning environment for your 2-3 Years, Old toddlers. Each week is a new adventure as we venture into art, music, science, and more. Every day, teachers are celebrating your child’s triumphs, challenges, and growth.

Your 2–3-year-old will become acquainted with books and begin to recognize letters and numbers. We will also introduce the concept of shapes, numbers how to count objects in a group.

Our highly qualified teachers use developmentally appropriate practices in the classroom and make learning fun for your children. Our classes cultivate an environment of respect for each other. Your child will learn that kindness, sharing, and cooperation are critical components of worldwide success.

Participants will explore the world around them through arts & crafts, music, dance, cooking, and more. Every day will be a new adventure for your child.